The PEPE Cryptocurrency: Unraveling the Spectacular Pump The world of cryptocurrencies is no stranger to unpredictable price surges and market fluctuations. One such instance that captured the attention of traders and enthusiasts alike was the astounding pump of… Read More »THE PEPE PUMP
    FTX Fiasco: Unraveling the Cryptocurrency Controversy The FTX fiasco, which unfolded three years ago in the cryptocurrency world, captivated attention and sparked controversy. It all began with SBF, who presented himself as a champion for people’s empowerment and… Read More »FTX FIASCO
  • China’s Meltdown
    How the US tricked China into death. Let’s dive into the story of how the US has just put China in one of the most difficult positions ever and see the options it actually has to get out… Read More »China’s Meltdown
  • Wall Street Bets
    Some guys started getting organized to buy and push up the price of some specific stocks they chose, specifically the ones with big short positions so they can do a “short-squeeze” and make a big push to the… Read More »Wall Street Bets
  • Tether (USDT)
    Good morning everyone! We have recently seen an important concern rising within the crypto community that is also being used by contrarians to discourage and disincentives Cryptocurriencies’ success. We will dig deeper to see what is really happening… Read More »Tether (USDT)

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How GameStop shook the markets. The GameStop saga is one of the most fascinating stories in recent times. It’s a tale of how a group of small investors on Reddit took on Wall Street and won. Hence, causing the stock of a struggling video game retailer to skyrocket.

Tether FUD

Tether FUD – what’s the story? Tether is a cryptocurrency that’s supposed to be pegged to the US dollar. However, it has been the subject of controversy due to allegations that it doesn’t have the reserves to back up its value. This has led to what is known as “Tether FUD” – fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding the cryptocurrency.

Wall Street Bets

Wall Street Bets – the rise of the retail investor Wall Street Bets is a subreddit where investors share ideas and discuss stocks. It gained mainstream attention earlier this year when users on the forum took on hedge funds that had shorted GameStop’s stock. The episode has been seen as a turning point in the balance of power between retail investors and Wall Street.

China´s Meltdown

China’s potential meltdown due to the US threatening it with microchips The US-China trade war has been simmering for years, but tensions have escalated recently due to the US government’s restrictions on Chinese technology companies. One of the most significant developments has been the US’s threat to cut off China’s supply of microchips, which could have severe consequences for the country’s tech industry.

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