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*Disclaimer: The newsletter is launching soon. Fortunately, if you sign in now, you will get a HUGE DISCOUNT on the investment courses I am putting together for joining the community early! Send me a message in the chat box at the bottom-right or a Twitter DM at @Curtis_Many if you have any questions!

This newsletter is made to GIVE YOU VALUE. I will show you how to fish, but I will also give you the fish itself. Made by an investor for investors. Let’s start by presenting myself. I am Gerard, I was born in Barcelona and I´m currently living in Australia. I have been investing since I was 18 years old and researching the markets since I was 16. Financials have always been my passion and I spend a nice amount of time daily researching them. That’s it, brief and straight to the point.

What is the newsletter about?

In this weekly newsletter, you will find three sections. But first, and most importantly, you will get MY PICKS in both cryptocurrencies and stocks. Not only I will teach you how to fish, but I will also give you the fish myself. The first section is CryptoCurrencies where you will see the weekly important news about BTC and ETH, this will help you stay informed about the overall market and save you countless research hours that I´ll do for you.

Then we have the stock market section, where I will show you how it has performed over the week, this will also present to you the ideas of the traditional markets, what news we found, and if there is a good opportunity at the given time. The newsletter is useful whether you invest in stocks or not since cryptocurrencies and the economy are impacted by the stock market. To finalize, I will show you the commodities section, here we will cover gold, oil, and the commodities section which usually drives some of the other markets fundamental-wise. In this section, you will also see how expensive will it be to make your shopping list this week.

Occasionally, you may also see positions, such as small cryptocurrencies or stocks I am investing in that can return you multiples on your investments.


You will receive the email once a week on weekends, if Saturday or Sunday, time will tell.


Of course, the newsletter is completely free. Then, what are you waiting for? To how many useless sites have you subscribed with nothing in return? It is time to get VALUE BACK and the place is HERE!


As you may have guessed, I am not an expert and you should do your own research before investing in any asset, as everyone always says, this is NOT FINANCIAL ADVISE.

However, I do have a good track record of my years investing averaging a solid 67% return per year. Then, what´s holding you back from getting all of this for FREE?